David Hodges

bandoneonist, composer, arranger

The bandoneón is the square, german-made concertina that since the turn of the 20th century has provided the signature sound of Argentine tango music. The instrument is known to listeners for its clear tones and melancholic refrains, and to musicians for its idiosyncratic design and playing techniques. David Hodges has played the instrument since 1998 with many groups in New York and elsewhere, in festivals, concert halls, and mostly, milongas (the tango social events that last into the waning hours of the night).

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Bryant Park Bandoneon

Come see David Hodges play solo bandoneón in Bryant Park, Tuesday, May 6th, as part of the Summer-long "Accordions Around The World" festival. He will also be joined with Los Chantas Tango Quartet, headlining in the Park on June 3rd. Check the site for more to come. (Photo by Ariana Hellerman)


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